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Meet Our Board And Staff

The Right of Way Consultants Council is lead by a nine-member Board. Each board member is elected to serve a 3-year term, which is staggered to ensure continuity. The membership of the Consultants Council will elect three new board members during the first two weeks of May of each year. However, it is the input and participation of our membership through website discussion forums and at meetings that truly guides the path of the Right of Way Consultants Council. Right of Way Consultants Council also has staff.


The Current Board Members of the Right of Way Consultants Council are:


Justin Lyon                           

Justin Lyon
Percheron, LLC

Vice Chairman

Brent Leftwich
Leftwich Management, Inc.



Denise Jackson
Associated Right of Way Services, Inc.

Member at Large


Kerry Malone
Contract Land Staff, LLC.

Member at Large


Bill Giese, CEO
Synergy Land and Environmental Services Ltd.

Member at Large

Norm Henenbery                         

Norm Henenberg, R/w-NAC
Paragon Partners Ltd.

Member at Large


Kyle Driscoll

Member at Large

Elaine Lipon                           

Elaine Lipon
Coates Field Service, Inc.

Member at Large


Michael Glaros
Volkert, Inc.

Executive Director


Michelle Wade