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The Right of Way Consultants Council is an organization that grew out of a desire for professionals in the right of way consulting industry to exchange ideas and information efficiently and to develop and promote standards for our industry. Our member firms must meet our criteria for membership, as well as require their employees to uphold the IRWA Code of Ethics.

The Board of the Right of Way Consultants Council meets throughout the year in conjunction with the IRWA and other major industry conferences. The Council provides speakers and educational opportunities at some of these conferences in order to elevate the level of professionalism of our members and other attendees. Additionally, the Consultants Council funds this website as a method for right of way consultants and users of right of way consultants to quickly and efficiently be able to discuss issues, opportunities, trends and resources.

The Right of Way Consultants Council grew from the belief held by many prominent leaders of the right of way consulting community that the success of the consulting community as a whole would be greatly enhanced by open communications and mutual support between its members. There has also been a strong desire to work towards creating standards of professionalism for the right of way industry to which others could look to our member firms to uphold.